Urinary Incontinence – The Abnormality Behind Recurrent Urinary Infection

Urinary incontinence is a urinary abnormality that tampers with the functioning of a urinary bladder. It happens due to loss of neurological or muscular control in the bladder. This leads to frequent and inadequate flow of urine. This abnormality is directly or indirectly linked to the occurrence of urinary infection.

The kidney transfers the urine to the urinary bladder via the ureters. As soon as the urinary bladder gets completely filled, the neurological and muscular control starts operating. When the person gets ready to urinate, the system sends a message to the nervous system. This relaxes the inner sphincter muscles and opens the internal valve of the bladder.

However, the person urinates once the external sphincter muscle starts contracting. This leads to contraction of urinary muscles and aids the flow of urine from the bladder to urethra. If the urine doesn’t flow out completely, then it gets contaminated and gives birth to urinary infection. Thus, it’s necessary that the urinary muscles function properly and decode the neurological messages in time.

The malfunctioning of the neurological control occurs due to the following reasons. This inadequacy leads to frequent occurrence of urinary infection. The factors that lead to urinary incontinence are brain or spinal cord damage, bladder tumors and enuresis (frequent bed wetting). These factors fail to send a message to the brain which leads to delay in the action of the sphincter muscles.

You can gage the presence of muscular incontinence, if the patient secretes under stressed environment. This problem is faced by women after the pregnancy. At times, the abnormality can be cleared through pelvic exercises while sometimes the patient requires a surgery. This muscular abnormality also occurs in the elderly age. Old people are unable to control their sphincter muscles for a long time and secrete before they reach the bathroom.

Hence, it is highly important to cure urinary incontinence else it leads to recurrent urinary infection that is highly problematic for the patients.

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