NLP In Action DVD By Charles Faulkner

By taking the time to listen to the NLP In Action DVD by Charles Faulkner, you are given the power to change your life forever. This program uses what is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is a name that literally encompasses three of the most important aspects of the human mind – neurology (Neuro), language (Linguistic), and programming (Programming – the way the brain works). The program works by providing a series of techniques in a language that influences human behavior.

The NLP In Action DVD is designed to use certain words that the human mind reacts to by creating the urge to literally do something about your life. NLP has been thoroughly studied, tested, and proven to work. The problem with people is that they perceive their lives inaccurately. The things that are happening in your life usually perceived by you as either good or bad. It is the way that you think which ultimately lies between you and what you want. Your mind creates your own reality, which therefore influences your future and everything that you do. You are literally creating your own destiny.

If the mind was programmed to perceive the things that normally make people angry, frustrated, and upset – calm, then their lives would be much less complicated. To get a good idea of how most people operate, all you have to do is look at your current life. You’re most likely not where you want to be. There may have very likely been some obstacles from outside influences standing in your way from time to time. However, the person who perceived those setbacks which have held you back all your life has been you.

The NLP In Action DVD by Dr. Charles Faulkner uses this technology to literally reprogram your mind so you do not perceive obstacles as setbacks, but rather, opportunities. Your mind is transformed from its old way of thinking into a newer, healthier state of mind. Ultimately, your entire life is changed, as well as you as a person.

When you change the way you think, you literally change the way you see things. To make things better, you change the way the world perceives who you are. People usually perceive a person as they perceive themselves. Because most people have been brought up to behave a certain way, as well as “taught” to react a certain way by watching television, their parents, and other outside stimuli, unfortunately, that is all they know. NLP In Action DVD by Dr. Charles Faulkner opens the mind to a new way of thinking and behaving that doesn’t have to bring constant disappointment in your life.

This DVD system gives you confidence. People toss the word, “confidence” around all of the time without really taking the time out to understand the meaning behind it. Being confident is knowing that what you are doing is exactly what you want. You’re confident about who you are, and because of that, everyone perceives you as a confident individual because you believe it – and because of your belief, it becomes your new reality – because you think it.

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