Leo Trader Pro – 1% Drawdown, Over 100% net profit!

Those of you who are real die-hard traders will have heard of The International Traders Expo. It’s the biggest event on the trading calendar and it recently went down in Las Vegas, Nevada (November 17th-22nd). Well, the people in attendance were privileged to witness something truly amazing. The world’s FIRST Neural Net based FX Trading Robot!

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==> Visit Leo Trader Pro Official Website

It’s called Leo Trader Pro and this is a truly phenomenal breakthrough for FX traders everywhere. You see, neural net technology isn’t brand new. Even though it’s the best way to go about building an intelligent trading robot, this is notoriously difficult stuff to work with. Coupled with the fact that RETAIL Forex speculation is a relatively young niche, there just hasn’t been anyone big enough paying attention to this technology. More importantly, no-one has been paying attention to the possible applications of the neural net in FOREX …and what this could mean for traders like us. The team behind Leo Trader Pro has just changed that!

==> Visit Leo Trader Pro Official Website

Leo Trader Pro has been trading a live account for almost five months now and its performance is nothing short of stellar!

==> Leo Trader Pro averages 103% net profit per month

==> Has a drawdown of less than 1%


==> Is currently sitting on an almost 500% net profit LIVE account!

This is hands down, the BIGGEST thing to happen in Forex since the advent of the automated trading bot itself. This is not a statement that I make lightly! The last couple of years in FX automation has just been a warm up for this. You might say it was the industry’s training wheels. Leo Trader Pro is what the FX bot was always meant to be… and it’s finally here!

For the first time in OVER 2 years, a new concept in automated FX trading is being brought to the market… Leo Trader Pro is the first Neural Net bot to be made publicly available!

Leo Trader Pro will be available soon – December, 16 – 2010.

It’s all about proving the proof! When you have a product that genuinely works, there’s absolutely no reason not to fling the doors wide open.

This is a small snippet of information we got from Leo Trader Pro Team:

1. Investor Password Access – There really isn’t any greater proof than this. This is an account that cannot be faked or doctored in any way.   There’s really no way to argue with evidence like this.

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==> Leo Trader Pro Review

Rob Trader – Forex Expert

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