Acupuncture Treatment: Acupuncture for Muscular-skeletal & neurological

Acupuncture is a very old and popular technique from traditional Chinese medicines. It is very ancient and since then practiced to cure various diseases in patients. This technique due to its popularity has spread all over the world. The western medical system has worked on its principles and evolved with new techniques in acupuncture theses techniques are improved version of basic acupuncture. Acupuncture has proved itself helpful for circulatory, respiratory, muscular, neurological, and digestive disorders. Besides that, it helps to give you a beautiful skin through techniques involved in cosmetic acupuncture, and auricular acupuncture is helpful for all body systems.

The original acupuncture treatment uses plastic or glass needles which are inserted in certain points in the body. These points are termed as acupuncture points. They are located on the energy channels in the body. Each acupuncture point is associated with a body part so their pinching causes stimulation ion that organ. The energy channels are called as meridians which carry energy all through the body. Any disorder in body is caused due to the blockage in pathways of energy and acupuncture always works to open those blocked paths. Western practitioners have evolved different methods to simulate organs, they uses laser, electric impulses, magnetic radiations so that pain involved in acupuncture can be avoided.

Among the various neurological disorders on which acupuncture works comes the headaches. It is effective in nay type of headache like migraine headaches, tension and cluster headaches. It causes an immediate effect on headaches and prevents their frequent occurrence. Some neurological disorders include stagnation in nerve functioning also called nerve degenerating disorder. When needles are inserted in nerves, it causes stimulation at the point and thus regaining their activity. Sometimes electric stimulation is also used for nerve stimulation. Besides these, it is helpful in stroke rehabilitation, damage due to stroke like hardening of arteries, hypertension and head injuries and treats kinds of tumors. This is also used during brain surgery and supports treatment of Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, nerve deafness

Acupuncture treatment is famous for its effect in pain and stiffness in muscles. At times, sue to stress and fatigue muscles get contracted and their movement is restricted. With acupuncture on muscles related points, muscle movement is restarted. It increases blood flow and oxygen to muscle tissues and thus providing them necessary nutrition and energy to work actively. Diseases like myofascial muscle syndrome which causes acute pain in neck, shoulders, elbows and knee have great effect of acupuncture. Along with these, tendonitis, strains inflammation and sprains in muscles are also removed with acupuncture. In bone fracture chronic pain can be avoid with acupuncture if bones are damaged from sprain and tear in tendons and ligaments.

Thus this acupuncture treatment is effective in various muscular, skeleton and neurological disorders. This therapy works for those also who are tired of taking drugs but do not see any results. Also for those who do not want to take harmful medicines, this method is beneficial. But you have to choose a licensed practitioner to avoid any infection and other harmful effects from this treatment. This is very safe and natural technique with no pain and no harm.


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