Month: February 2018

What Is Autism And Autism Treatment?

by gliageek the ability of a child or a person to communicate, understand and interact with other people. This can be noticed around the developmental stage of a child at a young age of 3. This is the…

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Sleep Disorders – New Research Findings on Restless Leg Syndrome Medicine Trials

by gliageek Writing about sleep medicines has not been a big part of my focus on how to improve sleep issues.  But these recent findings from the American Association of Neurology offer possible hope to those plagued with…

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NLP In Action DVD By Charles Faulkner

by gliageek By taking the time to listen to the NLP In Action DVD by Charles Faulkner, you are given the power to change your life forever. This program uses what is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is a…

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