The Rolex Day Date II came out to be an updated version and symbol of prestige

10The Rolex Day Date Replica Watches is often known as the Rolex president as it has adorned the wrist of many Presidents of United States. As a result it holds a unique spot in the catalogue of Rolex as well as in the hearts of Rolex fans. The purpose of Rolex was to make larger sized version of the Day-Date watches which were 36mm wide. Initially this size was considered sufficient by the users but later on men preferred a bit larger watches.

Taking this matter into consideration Rolex started to release larger versions of 41mm wide and Rolex Day Date II model was born. The earlier versions of 36mm are generally preferred by women nowadays. These watches come with Rolex Oyster case. These watches are water resistant and put into famous trademark case of Rolex which has a screw down crown and is resistant to water up to 100 meters. Even being 41 mm wide, the version is not very difficult to wear if given with wide bracelets and wide lug structures.

The back side of these watches are also screwed down as a part of the heritage of Oyster case style. Same as all other Rolex watches, the Rolex Day Date watches have totally blank case backs with just a simple brushed finishing. Though the 41mm case size requires a bit different sort of wearing expectation as the under part of the case is almost flat, it is rather excellent while considering comfort. The case size is also relatively long as well. It cannot be considered less comfortable compared to the 36 mm Day Date version under any point of view. It is to be noted that these kind of Rolex watches bear the protective plastic over most of the surfaces as per specification of the dealers. There is also a little bar code on the side of cases which will be removed upon purchase and reveals originality of the product.

The case of Rolex Day Date II is crafted from block of 18 ct white, eve rose or yellow gold or even platinum. The case is fitted with a polished or fluted bezel. For the smooth movement Day Date II is embedded with new calibre 3156 and is designed and manufactured by Rolex itself. It is fitted to Para flex shock absorbers along with a parachrom hair spring which is extremely resistant to magnetic fields and shocks. These features add to the watch’s chronometric reliability and precision. These are COSC certified watches and have a 48 hour power reserve capability.   The weight of these watches varies on the materials being used to manufacture. The watches made out of gold have a weight of 220 grams where those made out of platinum weighs 278 gram. To ensure comfort, the Rolex Day Date II comes with a crown clasp and super president bracelet.

For further enhancement of strong identity of these watches, some new range of dials was introduced with a combination of traditional and contemporary designs.

When the day date version came in 1956, this watch was a great innovation as it was the first swiss replica rolex watches which displayed date as well as day. With further change in configuration in Rolex Day date II it opens a history dedicated to prestige and excellence.


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