The first inventions of watches made by Rolex

Rolex in the year of 1956 launched the first Daydate series watch, and since 1956, it has become the first and the noble Rolex watch because all of the Daydate watches were made by precious mental material, without any stainless steel watches. Daydate watch also is the first calendar watch that can display the full written words of the week.

In the year of 1960, the testing deep-sea submarine Trieste successfully dived into the deepest Mariana Trench in the earth surface. The Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh was responsible for steering, and the Trieste drove by him and Jacques Piccard created this unprecedented feat deep-sea exploration. The deep sea submariner back in the water with the Rolex Deep Sea Special from the deepsea of 10,916 meters(37,800 feet), and the watch still operated normally.

Rolex launched the first Sea-dweller watch in the year of 1967, and Sea-dweller watch is the product between the Rolex Submariner and Deepsea, whose waterproof performance also is every excellent, but the size is smaller than the DEEPSEA, and the thickness is between these two series watches. the same as the Rolex DEEPSEA, the calendar display window of the Sea-Dweller also has the Big blister design, and waterproof depth is 1220 meters.

In the year of 1971, Rolex launched the branded new Explorer II series watches, which were specially designed for the professional explorers who faced the severe challenge. No matter you are deep into the sea, or pass through the dark night at south and north poles, the unique orange pointer, with the way of 24 hours, still clearly indicates the day and night. The patent Parachrom hairspring and the Paraflex Cushioning device ensure the watch still accurate under the Serious environment. It was designed for the adventure elaborately, and as long as you are brave to explore, it will accompany you all the way.

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