Rolex Replica Watches As Well As The Effects Of The Counterfeit And Replica Watch Market

´╗┐Rolex Replica Watches As Well As The Effects Of The Counterfeit And Replica Watch Market

The Swiss Customs Service estimates between 30 to 40 million counterfeit and replica watches are put into circulation annually. These counterfeit watches cause considerable damage to the watch business, both financially as a result of possible lost sales and also brand degradation as a result of the market being flooded with counterfeit copies of the original watches.

The annual trade show of the watch business known as BaselWorld attracts many attendees from China who invest their time photographing the latest models being displayed by the top luxury watchmaking brands. The photos of these new and prototype watches then locate their way back to manufacturers in China where they are rapidly copied and made into replica watches. The counterfeit timepieces are then rushed to market, often in advance of the authentic watch.

It is estimated by Swiss Customs that 40% of replica watches originate in China, even though counterfeits are also manufactured elsewhere, such as the United States. In October of 2006 police in Florida arrested a woman who had been operating a counterfeit watch enterprise that earned about $8 million in sales. It is estimated that counterfeit watch sales worldwide price Swiss watch manufacturers a lot more than $600 million per year in lost sales. Once these counterfeit watches have been confiscated, it is the obligation of the Swiss Customs Service to destroy them. Surprisingly, in Switzerland people are allowed to keep a maximum of one counterfeit watch per person, provided they personally import it into the country. In addition, the watch being imported need to not include any forged preciousmetal hallmarks.

Two Types of Counterfeit Watches

Counterfeit watches are divided into two groups: The initial group is comprised of lowpriced imitations of watches. A low cost counterfeit watch features the name of a prestigious brand, but lacks its design and functions.

The second group involves counterfeit watches created to resemble the original authentic watch (a tradedress violation). Some highpriced counterfeit watches are produced from better high quality supplies and have golden parts and leather straps.

One of the much more popular counterfeited watch models are the Rolex replica watches which are illegally manufactured replicas of authentic Rolex watches. As with several of the highpriced brandname luxury watches available on the market, Rolex watches can regularly be discovered being counterfeited and sold illegally on the web and also the street. The counterfeit Rolex watches are mostly produced in countries that consist of Taiwan, Korea, India and China (statistics from 2004 show that 54% of counterfeits seized originated in China) and can be found retailing for as little as $5 and as high as $1,000 or far more for highend replicas fabricated in gold, even though the majority of counterfeit Rolexes use gold electroplating. The trade in replica Rolex watches has turn into sophisticated, complete with fullcolor glossy brochures and catalogues of counterfeited watches produced in China and provided for sale to retail vendors.

Characteristics of a Counterfeit Watch

You often hear that you are able to tell a counterfeit watch from an authentic one by the smooth movement of the second hand. This is a myth, as a result of the truth that many counterfeit watches use inexpensive quartz crystal engines which produce the telltale start/stop movement visible once per second of the sweep. In the event you observe closely you’ll see that even an authentic Rolex movement does not have a perfectly smooth secondhand sweep, but actually eight movements per second. The only watch mechanisms that had a secondhand with a true, uninterrupted sweep had been the Seiko SpringDrive along with the Bulova tuningfork movement. That being said, a few of the much better counterfeit watches available on the market have automatic movements, and Rolex has produced a couple of models with quartz movements which produces the distinct quartz movement ticks.

Another trait of a replica Rolex watches is if it has a transparent case back permitting the movement to be seen. Rolex never made such a watch, an exception being some models from the 1930s which are very rare along with the new Cellini Price models. You’ll never see an authentic Rolex watch with an engraved organization logo, design or Rolex name on the outside of the caseback. Exceptions to this are a few of the lady’s models which have engraving on the case backs, as well as the SeaDweller models which say in black on the back, Rolex Oyster Original Gas Escape Valve, along with two Rolex logos. Other than that, authentic Rolex watches have a smooth caseback totally free of engravings.

Recently, Rolex has begun shipping recent models with a 3dimensional hologramencoded sticker on the caseback that has a floating Rolex crown logo to the top of the watch case’s reference number, which is printed in black. Most of the stickers on counterfeit Rolex watches are either solid green or a repetitious “Rolex” pattern, as opposed to a hologram. Some of the replica Rolex watches manufactured in Laos, Vietnam and China from 2006 on have a solid green hologram on the caseback. Prior to 2002 the reference number was printed in gold and the hologram did not have the Rolex crown logo. These days, counterfeiters are attempting to much more closely match the actual hologram sticker. Rolex stopped using the hologram around 2007 and new Rolex watches are not being shipped with it.

Another trait of an authentic Rolex watch is the virtually invisible laseretched crown logo on the inside of the crystal at the 6 o’clock position. Several replica Rolex watches have this etching, but it is often smaller and less distinct than on an authentic Rolex watch.

Also, an authentic Rolex has a date magnification 2.5 times typical size which really should nearly visibly fill the glass bubble. A few counterfeits have a larger font wheel to imitate the impact, although they don’t come close to appearance of the date on an authentic Rolex watch.

It’s usually finest if you can examine a suspected counterfeit Rolex next to a genuine Rolex watch. Comparing them in this manner often reveals small color variations on the dial and watchband, the laser printing on the face and any other variances that could identify an authentic Rolex from a counterfeit. In addition, all of the edges on an authentic Rolex and its band are smooth, not sharp or coarse like a lot of counterfeits.

Counterfeit watches are occasionally manufactured so well that even a specialist requirements unique equipment to verify its authenticity, according to Swiss Customs Service officials. An highpriced price tag for a watch is also not a guarantee of quality, as even they can simply be very well done counterfeits. Additionally, logos, seals and other proprietary markings might be forged to deceive the bought into believing the watch is made with genuine solid gold, when in reality it’s a counterfeit that’s gold plated. Gold watches do not have to be made of solid gold to be authentic, as there are authentically manufactured watches that are gold plated. Counterfeits which are gold colored use much thinner gold plating, which will rapidly begin to wear away.

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