Perpetual Motion is quite possible

Rolex Submariner is a endless mechanism of perfection, A timepiece of its own unique status It is a watch may possibly serve you in your next expedition to Antarctic

Rolex Submariner is a long term mechanism of perfection, A timepiece of its own unique status. It is a watch may possibly serve you in your next expedition to Antarctic.

A Submariner can keep good time both together with Mount Everest and in Sahara desert. If you are keen on diving for pearls or if you happen to pursue any other extreme activities, A watch like this can become your trusty companion.

Rolex Submariner watch has an automatic movement and it doesn?T require an energy source. It is a selfwinding watch that winds effortlessly every time you move your wrist. A small rotor is started up at a flick of a wrist and it winds the spring successfully. Your watch is loaded with an endless source of energy. Who said that Perpetuum Mobile is not possible?

Testing in Extreme conditions

The classic simple design first appeared in 1953 when the first Rolex Submariner watch entered the production. As it started making a devoted group of fans, Its popularity exploded after a series of rigorous experiments testing the Submariner inside extreme environments.

It was immersed in deep oceans, Given to trip members to Antarctic and Sahara desert. It was put inside an oven and tested at heat of 500 oC. Nothing could stop this watch from teaching correct time. At that particular time Rolex company had almost a half a century of experience behind them.

It was founded in 1905 in london by a German gentleman Hans Wilsdorf and his English brotherinlaw Alfred Davis. The actual trade name Rolex was registered in 1915 as the business moved to Switzerland to join other brilliant watchmakers.

the initial series of Rolex Submariner watch had simple straight hands, Very soon the hours” hand started featuring a threepointed star similar to a Mercedes logo. so, very 50 years later, Its design is not ageing, it is only maturing and still keeping the status of a timeless classic.

The Sub is a date clock it has a smooth little date window were displayed at 3”O clock. It is available in four main designs: red, dark-colored, gold and silver. this morning new models are joining the classic range. A GMT version is available showing two timezones in addition and a nondate version with a proper 3 indication joined the range in 2007.

It was really the year of 1962 that changed Rolex Submariner watch from a deepsea daredevil”s favourite gadget into a style icon of the suave and debonair. Sean Connery appeared in the famous Dr No film the first in the series about the superagent 007 mission impossible wearing a Sub.

Connery”s Bond flashed a Rolex over the following five consecutive films and passed it on to next two films starring Roger Moore. They say that a Rolex doesn”t need strategies. extremely, The Agent 007 films plus the famous endurance tests still worked magic and catapulted the Submariner to a status of one of the best watches ever made.

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