Old Fontaine diamond watch

Find Antique ShopsAntique Vintage ShopsAntique MallsConnecticut AntiquingChicago Antique ShopsNew England AntiquingToronto older binoculars ShopsI Antique On The RoadPermalink Reply by Walter Del Pellegrino on January 15, 2010 located at 10:27pmEbay auction 160393080696 ended yesterday for a vintage Fontaine ladies watch that comes with case. finalized bid was $15.50.Your watch isn’t an old-fashioned. Its a classic 1950’s or 60’s example. Men’s watches usually sell for much more money than women’s watches but there are many factors that affect watch sales. Fontaine was a fairly obscure Swiss company and lacks the impact of such names as Rolex, Nardin, Breitling and the like. As a matter of fact the Fontaine brand will not attract the attention that a Bulova, Hamilton or Elgin definitely.Factors that will affect the exact value further are condition. Is the watch keeping correct time or is it broken? If its a nonworking watch I doubt its worth burdensome.Is it a manual wind or mechanized (Selfwinding)? Is the case made of yellow metal, chrome steel or base metal? what’s the movement (Inside mechanism of the timepiece)? as it is only a seventeen jewel movement I would imagine its not a high caliber movement and probably has perhaps no adjustments or at most one adjustment for the movement.If I assume that your watch is functional and is, as stated, A 17 jewel movement in a base metal case it might fetch between $50 and $75 although display box.Permalink Reply by Jessie McCrea on jan 16, 2010 here at 5:11pmHI wally. I’m aware remains that it is not an antique and I am not looking to sell it. I was just looking for some information regarding the values and companies history. All of my photos are not add’s they are just to show and share my collections with the remainder on the IAO community. All in any event, many thanks for your input,as mentioned, A 17 jewel develpment in a base metal case” I’m not sure where you got dansko or sanita, If you peer at my photos and on my page, there’s such statement regarding this watch. Possibly you made a mistake.

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