New virus spawns more ‘zombie’ individual

The number of Windows computers which have been commandeered to send out spam email increased by a quarter last week because of a new virus, a burglar company said Tuesday.

the actual virus, Whichemerged august. 12, Is an new version of Mocbot,First released to the www in 2004.

It targets a burglar flaw in Windows computers that Microsoft fixed with an update released Aug. 8. The virus definitely seems to be targeting only computers running Windows 2000. most of the time, Zombie computers are accustomed to send spam emails or to spread more viruses.

The company counts zombie computers by comparing email spam provided by known zombies to spam coming from previously unknown sources. in the case of the new Mocbot virus, The spam is mostly for fake Rolex watches and porn material, CipherTrust menti one d.

Spam makes up 81 % of email traffic, The Georgiabased service said.

CipherTrust predicted the numerous zombie computers would return to a more normal level once people install the security patch released by Microsoft.

CP picks up to Calgary mayor’s anger over rail bridge failure

Canadian Pacific Railway says it did everything possible to examine a Calgary bridge that failed early Thursday morning, Leaving six derailed cars stuck on the sagging track. In exclusive selection interviews with CBC News, a few of his former hostages confirmed meeting London, Ont. Native Xristos Katsiroubas in the attack. The freshman forward from UNLV was crowned the first Canadian selected No. 1 in total in the NBA draft, Taken by way of Cleveland Cavaliers.

police say a twoyearold Milton, Ont, Boy died saturday after he was left for a “decent portion of the day” In cameraman member’s vehicle. Rolled out Thursday a curved TV that uses a semi-pro display called OLED. 27, 2013 7:21 PM swimming pool supplies to journey this summer, Whether a local tour, nationwide or internationally, It’s a great probability to get a perspective on nature, Up close and private.

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